Transformer enhanced performance through innovative insulation systems

Find out how the combination of alternative insulation systems with design optimization can enable innovative power transformers for more resilient grids.


Weidmann and Nomex® provide customers with the transformer insulation know-how gained from over 100 years of combined experience.

Having developed significant trust through proven reliability and performance with transformer manufacturers and end users, this partnership ensures that customers receive the highest quality product and service available on the market today.

Energy Transition

Operational Challenges

Weather Resilience

Make the switch: Upgrade your transformer performance with Nomex® insulation.

How can I upgrade?

Upgrading your transformer is as simple as writing in your specs.

Add Nomex® insulation to any component of your transformer that is subjected to higher thermal stress – from conductors to angle rings.

Nomex® insulation must be used in 100% of the winding subjected to higher thermal stress. For all the other windings, TUK must be used, and in the hot spots, Nomex shall be used.

Semi Hybrid

Upgrade: Conductor


  • Load balance
  • Maintenance
  • Life extension
  • Hourly peak demand
  • Extra protection

Mixed Hybrid

Upgrade: Conductor and Spacers


  • Network failure
  • Heat waves
  • Daily peak demand
  • Unplanned load
  • Higher safety margins

Full Hybrid (+ Ester)

Upgrade: Conductor, Spacers, and Sticks. Esters recommended.


  •  30% more power or less weight
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Higher overload
  • Lower noise
  • Fire safe with esters

Full hybrid + Ester

Upgrade: Conductor, Spacers, Cylinder, Sticks, and Angle Rings. Use Esters.


  • Challenging space requirements
  • Rapid restoration
  • Fewer spare units
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Fire safe with esters

Thomas Prevost
VP of Innovation and R&D

Casey Ballard
Global Technology Manager

Casey Ballard DuPont

Energy Transition

Nomex® insulation systems future-proof transformers for the grid of the future, providing higher load flexibility and power density.

  • Cyclical loading
  • Load increase
  • Electrification

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Power Transformer portrait

Operational Challenges

Nomex® insulation systems allow for transformer flexibility and the capability to respond to multiple operational conditions, minimizing downtime.

  • Overload capability
  • Load balancing
  • Upgrade aging fleet

ESCELSA (Brazil) Hybrid power transformers use Nomex® insulation, which allows for additional overload capacity

View the entire case study of ESCELSA (Brazil) here

Weather Resilience

Nomex® insulation systems allow transformers to be more compact and sustain extreme overloading conditions during emergency operations.

  • Overload capability
  • High ambient protection
  • Mobiles
  • Fast deployable

Hitachi Energy – Rapid recovery transformer initiative succeeds using specially designed Hitachi Energy transformers

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Snow Weather Substation