Cellulose Based

High quality cellulose based Transformerboard

Transformerboard was developed as the base material for power transformers. The product and term Transformerboard was invented over 80 years ago by Weidmann and is considered the industry standard term today for cellulose based insulating material. Weidmann supplies a wide range of Transformerboard products manufactured using a variety of methods, all meeting the highest quality and international standards.

Field of Application

Transformerboard is used as base insulating material in power, distribution and special transformers. Cut to the requested size, Transformerboard is the base material for components like cylinders, strips, spacers, rings, washers, plates, machine formed and shaped parts, punchings and laminates. To convert Transformerboard to components  methods such as sawing, punching, planing, sanding, milling, routing, bending and gluing can be used. Having control over the many steps of the whole process chain from unbleached Kraft pulp to components is advantageous in respect to product quality, customized solutions and creating value in the field of application: insulation of high voltage transformers.

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