Technology solutions to better manage your transformer

Our transformer monitoring products and SmartInsulation™ consist of unique embedded sensors and monitors that provide cost-effective integrated solutions for delivering actionable information to the owner/operator of large power, transmission, and distribution transformers.

InsuLogix GIC - Transformer Monitoring

Weidmann GIC

Weidmann’s GIC monitor is a geomagnetic transformer monitor that measures how much geomagnetic current is in the transformer’s winding.  The Weidmann GIC is a cost-effective monitor that will prevent breaker trips, leading to fewer system failures.

Weidmann RFM

The role of the Weidmann RFM is to provide a visible external indication when arcing occurs inside the transformer tank, causing an over-pressure condition. The device’s red indicator serves as confirmation that a fault has occurred within the transformer, and the unit should not be re-energized for safety reasons.

Weidmann SGS

Weidmann’s SGS monitor is a transformer monitor that continuously calculates the winding hotspot temperature and loss of life of transformer insulation based on the measured values of oil temperature and load current. Because the Weidmann SGS displays both liquid and winding temperatures, it reduces the system cost and simplifies installation.

Weidmann SSK (Safe Sample Kit)

The Weidmann SSK offers crews safe, secure, and easy access to the transformer oil sampling valve and the headspace nitrogen blanket on the outside of the pad mount transformer cabinet. The Weidmann SSK patented technology is easily installed and eliminates the future need for costly outages during routine or emergency oil sampling.

FOTEMP-T Monitor


Weidmann’s FOTEMP-T offers reliable and proven on-line monitoring of transformer hot spot winding temperature. In addition, cooling system monitoring and control can be integrated to create a highly cost-effective complete monitoring package. The monitor is also available for use with Weidmann Certified Smart Spacer®.


The future of transformer monitoring.

Weidmann SmartInsulation™ system components include embedded sensors, mounted directly in the transformer solid insulation, which measure the health and operational characteristics of power transformers during normal, faulted, or emergency operation.