Transformer Accessories

Controls & Instrumentation

All of these devices measure, display or record and communicate data relevant to transformer operation. They range from products for smaller distribution transformers, to larger more sophisticated performance, diagnostic or condition based systems. Weidmann has a wide variety of options including oil level indicators, pressure and temperature measuring devices.


Oil Level Indicators

Oil level indicators are used to detect dielectric fluid leakage in an early stage permitting actions to be taken to ensure that the transformer windings remain covered with the dielectric fluid. These devices are available in mechanical or magnetic form, with and without microswitches. The oil level indicators are designed to international standards. Buchholz relays are protection devices that monitor gas and oil movements. Oil flow indicators are used in the feed, outlet/drain pipes of the cooling systems.

Pressure Devices

Pressure devices prevent pressure induced explosions. Pressure relief devices limit the transformer internal pressure to a defined maximum.

Temperature Devices

Temperature has been determined to be an important influence on the life of a transformer; since excessive temperature accelerates the aging of the electrical insulation systems. Weidmann supplies devices for measuring, recording and communicating the dielectric fluid temperature as well as the winding hot spot temperature. Temperature devices are designed to international standards.

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