Transformer Accessories

Other products & accessories

Weidmann provides a range of other transformer-related products and production machinery. The range covers the fields of transformer cores, production machinery, test field equipment, transformer wheels and wire products.


Coil Lifting Bags

Weidmann offers pneumatic coil sizing systems, that allow the customer to resize transformer coils without risking the damage that may occur when using old wedge systems. The systems include pneumatic pads which are inserted into the winding and inflated by way of a special manifold, thus lifting the coil as desired.

Production Machinery

Weidmann can supply special purpose production machinery built to customer specification, e.g. winding machines, core-cutting machines and insulation dryout equipment.

Shipping Protection

Weidmann offers impact recorders that monitor and record shipping forces experienced during transportation from the manufacturer to the customer’s location.

Test Field Equipment

Weidmann can supply special purpose electrical test equipment.

Transformer Cores

Weidmann has business relationships with suppliers of cut to specification transformer cores.

Transformer Wheels

Weidmann can supply a range of cast steel wheels for distribution transformers primarily.

Wire Products

Weidmann offers insulated round and rectangular wire products to customer insulation requirements.

If you require any additional products or accessories please do not hesitate to contact us, we have a wide network of high quality supplier relationships and would be happy to assist.

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