Transformer Accessories

Fluid Management

Dielectric fluids and gases are an important part of the insulation system of a transformer. Circulating fluids and gases not only insulate, they also absorb and transfer heat, thus reducing the hot spot temperature and extending the life time of transformers. Weidmann offers products in the field of cooling and expansion systems, moisture holders, valves and fans.


Cooling Systems

These products are supplied as individual components or as complete engineered replacement or enhancement system solutions. Heat exchangers are available complete with cooling pumps and cooling fans for either oil/air forced or oil/water forced systems. Panel radiators can be supplied as products or systems with cooling fans. Furthermore, corrugated wall radiators are provided. Fans/cooling fans are also available as separate components.

Expansion Systems / Flexible Separators

Dielectric fluid expansion systems isolate the transformer fluid from the atmosphere, preventing contamination, gas and/or moisture from coming into contact with the transformer dielectric fluid.

Moisture Holders

Moisture is either produced by the aging of the insulation and/or penetration from outside. Together with heat, moisture will accelerate the aging of the electrical insulation systems. Moisture holders contain materials that have a higher water absorption capacity than the insulation fluids and thus can dehumidify and help protect the insulation systems.


Electrical apparatus valves are installed at various places of the transformer for fluid handling (filling or draining), or for providing a means of interrupting fluid circulation when performing maintenance or fluid sampling.

Fans / Ventilators

Fans are installed to enhance the cooling capacity of the radiators. Fans are available with alternative mounting positions, and in various sizes, all with an extremely low noise level. Weidmann can supply fans with all of the necessary mounting hardware as well as plugs, cords, receptacles and junction boxes.

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