Insulating the World’s Largest HVDC Transformers

High-voltage, direct current (HVDC) transformers have long been an innovative tool for establishing strong power networks. However, complex requirements and poor component stability can jeopardize the entire network. Fortunately, Weidmann is on hand to ensure strict cleanliness, component stability, and tolerances with our HVDC insulation components. Previously, most HVDC projects were in North America and [...] weiterlesen

Cellulose Insulation Paper Testing: Three Key Tests

Cellulose insulation has been used as solid insulation in power transformers for over 80 years. However, despite its sustainable credentials and excellent dielectric properties, cellulosic material for electrical applications has many challenges, mainly related to the degradation process. IEEE Xplore's 'Determining the aging parameters of cellulosic insulation in a transformer' cites: "The original properties of [...] weiterlesen

Weidmann confirms belief about thermal class of Transformerboard

Do you know the thermal class of Transformerboard* as part of the industry-proven insulation system used in liquid-filled transformers? Maybe you need to think again. For decades, some have considered transformer pressboard to be rated simply to 105 °C. Some in the industry have even alluded to the necessity of ‘chemical treatments’ to slow down [...] weiterlesen

InsuLogix® HMA – Maintain or React

Introducing the InsuLogix® HMA: The ONLY online DGA monitor you will ever need. When considering a Dissolved Gas Analyzers (DGA) monitor for your transformer, you must answer the question: What do you want to achieve with your online monitoring strategy? There are many options when it comes to online DGA for use in Power and [...] weiterlesen

Transformerboard III Book Launch

Weidmann Electrical Technology, part of Swiss-based Weidmann Group, has a long pedigree of being at the heart of the global transformer industry. Our deep-rooted knowledge in transformer insulation design, manufacture and operational topics is echoed in the publication of our industry-leading handbooks. Transformer insulation is very much a niche technology topic with most of the […]


Cigre Technical Exhibition 2022

Weidmann will be exhibiting at Europe’s leading international power systems exhibition Cigre, which takes place on 29th August - 2nd September at the Palais des Congres in Paris, France. The five-day event which includes a full conference program, tutorials, workshops, and over 300 exhibitors, attracts the leading experts in all aspects of electric power systems. [...] weiterlesen

Not Pulp Fiction – Volume II: A Sustainability-Led Future

In 2018 we explored the global market demand for paper and whether digitalization was having an impact on the paper and forest industry. Despite graphic paper (used for newspapers and writing paper) declining, demand for packaging, hygiene products such as tissues and wipes, and plastic replacement products was growing. Sustainability was moving up the agenda, […]


Renewable Applications

Renewable technologies and their integration into the distribution and transmission systems can help support a sustainable future by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. At Weidmann, we have a range of Insulation Materials, Technical Services, & Monitoring Technologies that are all playing a part in ensuring the successful deployment and operation of renewable energy plants […]


10 Ways Weidmann is Committed to Sustainability

Today, environmental concerns and sustainability are top of mind for businesses around the world. As a company dedicated to energy efficiency and green technology solutions, we believe in reducing CO2 emissions while using renewable resources wherever possible. That’s why we have outlined ten ways that Weidmann Electrical Technology adheres to sustainable practices within our operations: […]


Best Employer in Eastern Switzerland 2022

The East Swiss business portal publication, Leader Digital, in conjunction with media partners Handelszeitung, Le Temps, and Statista, recently conducted an independent survey to find out the best employers in 2022. In the ‘electronics and electrical engineering, electronic and medical devices’ category, Weidmann Electrical Technology AG is proud to announce that we have been awarded […]

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