1 May 2024

Weidmann joins the global electrical revolution at CWIEME Berlin

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality insulation solutions for specialized products and services in the energy sector, Weidmann is exhibiting at CWIEME Berlin, a global coil winding and electrical engineering event.

The three-day event, which takes place from 14th to 16th May 2024, attracts engineers and professionals committed to working with manufacturers and suppliers, such as Weidmann, to continue shaping the future of our industry.

There is an increased focus on clean energy, lowering carbon emissions, material efficiency, and performance. There is also increasing pressure on utility companies to upgrade the aging energy infrastructure in response to improvements in technology and greater environmental responsibility. Weidmann offers a range of products and solutions that address these challenges.

The Weidmann team will be on hand to discuss how we can collaborate to deliver assets for transmission and distribution grid upgrades. We can also share how we are investing in expanding our manufacturing to improve material supply for large-scale grid infrastructure projects.

At this year’s event, we explore the fusion of utility and art, and how our energy networks underscore their fundamental role in sustaining communities, serving as both lifelines and canvases that reflect our shared values and vision. Come and see how we interpret the energy of art in Hall 4.2, Booth 42F10, with a ‘live artist’ working thoughout the exhibition.

Register for the event here.

CWIEME Display for Weidmann