8 October 2021

Autodesk AU2021 Project Recognition - Improving our manufacturing processes

At Weidmann Electrical Technology we have embarked on a Lean Six Sigma journey. Every employee has been engaged in the program with a large percentage already trained and more programs to come. But what does this mean for our people and customers?

The lean approach aims to reduce waste in a process and reduce defects. Being as efficient as possible and reducing errors is key to ensuring we engage our employees to be ‘the best we can’ and deliver our ultimate goal; customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of our performance are key to business success. While we still have some distance to travel on our journey, investing in our performance improvement is appreciated by our customers, employees and a key part of our future strategy.

But like all projects, they need to deliver improved business performance. In the past week and coming days, more than 100,000 attendees globally will join the Autodesk #au2021 digital event where keynote speaker and Autodesk CTO, Raji Arasu, will give recognition to a project at Weidmann Electrical Technology.

The project, delivered by teams at our Vermont, USA and Saltillo, Mexico sites, enables us to reduce the time needed to design complex transformer components through system automation using the Autodesk #fusion360 program. Improving product design and lead time is only the start, the program also improves the accuracy of the final design ensuring that we also reduce the risk of error in production and improving tolerances.

Congratulations to our project team Bowen Christopher, Steve O’Lone, Mark Vaal and Alba Alferez.

Click here to view the keynote speech (Weidmann is featured at 9:00 mins).

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