18 August 2022

Transformerboard III Book Launch

Weidmann Electrical Technology, part of Swiss-based Weidmann Group, has a long pedigree of being at the heart of the global transformer industry. Our deep-rooted knowledge in transformer insulation design, manufacture and operational topics is echoed in the publication of our industry-leading handbooks.

Transformer insulation is very much a niche technology topic with most of the research work published through conferences and journal papers. Back in 1979 and subsequently in 1987, Weidmann published the first 2 Transformerboard handbooks bridging a gap in the market to provide a single, comprehensive technical publication about the making and application of transformer insulation.

Following the culmination of the past 35-years of research and development by our engineers, scientists and laboratory staff, Weidmann is proud to announce the launch of Transformerboard III. This book represents our strong beliefs in the merit of technical progress and innovation, including state-of-the-art diverse laboratory equipment and skilled staff coupled with continuous careful planning and financing of innovation projects.

Our commitment to technical progress and innovation, more importantly, extends to sharing our findings with our loyal customers. This common understanding of complex, technical ideas, concepts and know-how between Weidmann and our customers improves relationships and helps us to continue target-oriented research and development projects.

The new book Transformerboard III focuses on transformer insulation materials and design, transformer processing, operation, and lifetime. As well as a brief history of Weidmann and our products, the book explores transformer solid insulation and transformer liquid insulation. The characteristics, parameters and function of Transformerboard insulation and the impact of transformer processing on material design are explained in depth. In conclusion, the book examines transformer operation and lifetime considerations from the context of insulation materials.

Project Leader and Co-author of the book Christoph Krause comments; ‘As part of the global writing team, I am proud to be launching Transformerboard Book III. We started this journey 43 years ago at a time when there were no comprehensive technical books on this niche topic. The publication of this book is testament to the contributors’ and Weidmann’s drive to constantly progress and innovate in this challenging and evolving industry.