Transformer Services

Providing value through knowledge sharing

With over 100 years’ experience in the transformer sector, Weidmann’s highly skilled engineers are the perfect partner to support your transformer consulting needs. Our in-depth knowledge of insulation material properties, application needs, processing methods, diagnostics and failure analysis enables us to offer the optimum solutions for enhanced transformer performance to maximize the safe and efficient delivery of electric power.

Available Services

Transformer Technical Services

Weidmann offers comprehensive support, design assistance, and engineering and technical expertise for power and distribution transformers. Our services will help verify and optimize an insulation system to ensure the best technical solution and avoid costly failures.

Insulation Engineering Design
  • Experts to assist you in the insulation of power transformers and other high-voltage equipment
  • Optimized insulation designs for your products
  • Specialists in the design of AC and DC lead exits
  • Experience and knowledge in solving and analyzing transients and polarity reversal fields for DC applications
Condition Assessment

Detecting potential problems and determining the service condition of your power transformer or electrical asset

  • Information relating to the serviceable condition of the transformer & recommendations for action
  • Detect early signs of deterioration to avoid lengthy & costly outages
  • Determine specific risks & develop a detailed action plan to either resolve the problem or define a contingency plan
  • Prepare a foundation for condition based or predictive maintenance program
  • Specify detailed information regarding maintenance planning, strategies to reduce unplanned outages, establishing a redeployment policy/unit utilization strategy, advice on diagnostics, monitoring & instrumentation
Fleet Assessment

Summarizing the health of existing in-service assets and prioritizing the need for maintenance, monitoring, further investigation, or continued service

  • Concise overview of fleet assets
  • Clear understanding & ranking the condition of a transformer fleet
  • Identification of ‘high risk’ units in the network
  • Action plan to better assist operational decisions
  • Tool to reduce operating costs
  • Actionable next steps to maintain reliable condition of assets
Loading Optimization

Analysis and evaluation of loading and uprating capabilities of old and new transformers to improve asset utilization and manage risk of failure for critical units

  • Improves asset utilization
  • Enables adoption of dynamic loading policy
  • Manages risk of failure for critical units
  • Adds overall system load capability & flexibility to normal & contingent operation
  • Defers & minimizes capital spending needs
  • Extends transformer life cycle & value in use
  • Determines remaining insulation life
Mechanical tests

Performed on materials, to international standards, to ensure mechanical strength, flexibility & suitability for transformer applications – crucial for transformer longevity & reliability

  • Tensile & bending strength
  • Compression strength & compressive characteristics of materials
  • Air permeability (Bendtsen) & surface finish
Chemical tests

Essential to evaluate the chemical properties & resistance of the materials used in transformers to ensure they can withstand the environmental factors & chemicals, affecting performance & lifespan

  • DP (Degree of Polymerization) of cellulose
  • Moisture content (Karl Fischer)
  • Nitrogen content (Kjeldahl)
  • pH & conductivity of aqueous extracts
Optical tests

Assesses the visual & optical properties of the material to provide valuable information about material quality & potential defects that may affect their performance

  • Particles in transformer oils
  • Particles contamination check by X-ray
  • Microscopy to x500
Electrical tests

Crucial to evaluate the electrical properties & performance of the material ensuring that it possesses the necessary dielectric strength, resistivity & overall electrical integrity to withstand high voltages & electrical stresses

  • Voltage tests up to 400 kV (AC), 600 kV (DC), & 800 kV impulse
  • Partial discharge tests
  • Dissipation factor tan delta
  • Conductivity & resistivity
  • Oil testing (breakdown voltage)
Thermal Aging

Used to assess the material’s ability to withstand prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures, which simulates the aging process that occurs during the transformer’s operation

  • Ovens for thermal aging up to 300°C
  • Climate chamber -40° - 200°C, 0 – 100% r.h.
  • Aging facilities for longterm thermal aging in oil up to 150°C

Technical Consulting

Weidmann’s deep knowledge of the energy sector stems from over 100 years of involvement and our commitment to remaining at the forefront of new developments, technology, and innovation. Our global network of expert engineers comes from a wide background in energy-related fields, providing consulting services to support your needs in a wide variety of areas.

DFMEA & FMEA for Transformers

Combining the expertise of our Engineering and Product Development Teams, we are able to help identify potential failure modes in design and assess the effects on product performance and reliability.

  • Identification of Failure Modes
  • Assessment of Severity
  • Assessment of Occurrence
  • Assessment of Detection
  • Risk Priority Number
  • Mitigation and Prevention
  • Documentation and Tracking
Transformer Design Review

Using our end-to-end support processes, Weidmann’s Transformer Services assist you in developing the best-fit solutions for enhanced transformer performance to maximize the safe and efficient delivery of electric power.

Electromagnetic Thermal Studies

A wide range of 2D and 3D calculations and investigations to support the design process

  • Up-to-date hardware & software to calculate Losses & Impedances – including with/without harmonic currents, 3D temperature distribution on tanks
  • Short circuit forces on windings, clamping structures, bus bars
  • Current distributions in high current windings occurring in industrial applications eg. converter & furnace transformers
  • 3D analysis of electro-magnetic shields (shunts) used to reduce losses in the tank and/or clamping structure
  • 3D temperature distribution on tanks and/or clamping structures with determination of hot spot due to losses induced by stray magnetic fluxes
Network System Studies

Support in assessing network behavior to increase plant reliability and minimize network outages

  • Plant failure investigations including electro-magnetic transients, short-circuit, load flow & transient stability in power systems
  • Power quality assessment such as harmonics, flicker, dips etc.
Computational Fluid Dynamics for Transformers (CFD)

A valuable tool used in the analysis and design of transformers, particularly for assessing thermal performance and cooling efficiencies.

  • Thermal Analysis
  • Cooling System Design
  • Predicting Temperature Distribution
  • Optimizing Cooling Fluids
  • Optimizing Cooling Fluids
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Environmental Impact
Failure Case Investigation

By identifying the root causes of insulation failures, engineers can take proactive measures to prevent similar incidents in the future and ultimately help maintain the reliability and safety of electrical power systems.

  • Initial Assessment
  • Visual Inspection
  • Sampling and Testing
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Review of Operational Data
  • Review of Operational Data
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Documentation
  • Monitoring and Preventative Measures

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