6 September 2018

Transformer Fleet Assessment in Europe

Weidmann have recently conducted a successful transformer fleet assessment for a Swiss utility where the state of 14 power transformers was evaluated.

Nowadays, transformer fleet owners have a huge amount of information about their units, for example: diagnostic data, loading data, through-fault characteristics etc. Weidmann, with its experience in transformer design, inspection and condition evaluation, is able to quickly analyse all the available data to achieve the following:

Classify the condition of each unit of the fleet:

  • Spot the critical units that could fail.
  • Improve the maintenance planning.
  • Identify the units that may need additional tests or monitoring.

The analysis is performed using a systematic tool developed by Weidmann that allows the entire fleet to be evaluated according to five main categories: age, design, diagnostics, insulation aging, and through-fault risk. Quantitative values for each of these criteria are established and reported for each transformer. Using this information, annual failure probability forecasts are generated and are sorted from highest to lowest.

After the transformer fleet assessment, Weidmann is able to offer the following:

  • A condition assessment for the critical units.
  • Special studies to verify the design of the units.
  • Tailor made studies and recommendations.

In conclusion, the assessment is extremely helpful to make finer decisions with respect to future operation and the reliability of the studied transformers (monitoring installation, maintenance actions, refurbishment, replacement etc.) as well as to reduce the number of faults.

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