4 February 2021

Products & Services for Renewable Applications

Renewable technologies and their integration into the distribution and transmission systems enable the energy transition from reliance on fossil fuels to support in the creation of a sustainable future.

At Weidmann, we have a range of Insulation Materials, Technical Services, & Monitoring Technologies that are all playing a part in ensuring the successful deployment and operation of renewable energy plants around the world.

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Weidmann Insulation Technology

Transformers used in renewable energy generation applications are subject to unique and demanding stresses, including highly variable loads, wide temperature variations, space limitations, and power quality issues. These specific conditions are significantly different from those of a “standard” distribution system transformer, and often result in increased thermal and electrical stresses on the transformer insulation system, which leads to premature aging or failure of this critical asset. We offer our customers a wide range of enhanced thermal class materials that can improve the performance and life of transformers used in renewable energy generation.

INSULutions® DPE

Thermal Class: 130 °C in mineral oil / 140 °C in ester liquid systems

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NOMEX® High Temperature Insulation Materials

Thermal Class: 180 °C

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Technical Services

Critical to ensuring the successful operation of renewable energy plants is maximizing up-time and efficiency of the site. Preventative maintenance plans, understanding the condition of assets, and reacting quickly to analyze and diagnose failures is crucial.

Our Technical Services group have performed a range of services at renewable energy plants including fleet and condition assessments to identify potential issues and loss of life on transformers in the field, specification support to ensure that transformers ordered can handle the demanding environment they will be operating in, along with failure analysis when the worst happens.

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Monitoring & Diagnostics

Performing diagnostic evaluation of transformers is a critical part of any maintenance plan. We offer a range of diagnostic services through our network of worldwide laboratories. This includes oil sampling, testing, and other fleet maintenance programs, along with training (onsite or webinar).

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Online monitoring of a transformer or network can form a key part of an advanced maintenance plan, increasing your ability to maximize up-time through prioritizing predictive maintenance actions. Not only does this increase efficiency, but it also enables the operator to use accessible data to manage the utilization of assets more effectively.

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