19 June 2020

Weidmann Fiber Warranty: save money and time with overnight shipping

When constructing a transformer, on-time delivery and performance is crucial to ensuring a satisfied customer. With careful planning, steps can be taken to prevent time creep. However sometimes delays are unavoidable. Accidents Happen. Damage to fiber optic probes during installation in a transformer winding can present multiple risks. Not only the need to re-order the replacement fiber(s) which increases costs, but the timeframe for delivery can pose challenges to maintaining the production schedule.

Overnight Shipping: fast and free

The Weidmann Fiber Warranty solves both of these issues by replacing fiber optics free of charge and sending them by overnight shipping to our customers’ facilities*.

With transportation costs included in the warranty, the expedited overnight shipping is available at no additional charge upon request for any replacement fiber*.

This unprecedented offer comes with the purchase of our InsuLogix®T monitoring device (cf No worries with Weidmann Fiber Warranty).

*Please refer to the Terms and Conditions