8 March 2019

New product launch - Transformerboard T7

Weidmann is pleased to announce the launch of a new Transformerboard into the market under the name T7. This new product offering joins Weidmann‘s comprehensive range of high quality Transformerboard which are manufactured using the latest technology and know-how to produce materials that enhance reliability, efficiency and safety.

T7 is designed for manufacturing processes that require high ductility of the material, such as bending around tight radii. It replaces the previously manufactured TIII.

In contrast to the high density T4, T7 has a lower density and an increased elasticity. It is available in the much larger 3.2 m by 6.4 m format and in a thickness range of 1.0 to 6.0 mm.

Like all materials manufactured by the Weidmann Group, T7 is tested for its smallest particles by a high-resolution metal detector. This process ensures we supply all of our customers with material of the highest purity. In addition to the purity of the material, a series of other characteristics are measured. This process is our quality guarantee.

We strongly believe that T7 contributes to transferring the ideas of the design departments of transformer manufacturers into the reality of insulating parts.