Equipment Diagnostic Evaluations

Progressive Diagnostics

Weidmann proprietary diagnostic algorithms are incorporated into products and services for monitoring the Condition Status of your substation apparatus. We provide increasingly detailed analytical reports and engineering services to improve the quality of your substation maintenance based on your needs. Whether you need a basic oil condition report or a detailed technical analysis, one of our highly trained and experienced engineers can help. Our offerings are designed to let you decide the level of detail you need to help you make critical decisions quickly.

Specialized diagnostic programs

Weidmann combines laboratory, field test interpretation, and engineering expertise into complete diagnostic packages for specific equipment types. Weidmann engineers statistically analyze our vast database and work with industry experts, service companies, and OEM’s to validate our findings. If you need reliable transformer diagnostics, Weidmann Specialized Diagnostic Programs provide caution and warning condition codes on your test report to help you quickly understand the condition status of your equipment.

Engineering diagnostic programs

When it comes to transformer testing, Weidmann’s experienced engineers evaluate oil testing data and other information in order to provide you with a detailed engineering report that evaluates the operating condition of the particular apparatus in question. The Weidmann Engineering Diagnostic Evaluation report highlights possible causes, and provides recommendations to assist you in quickly making decisions to improve reliability.

Weidmann Specialized Diagnostic Programs and Engineering Diagnostic Evaluations are available for:

  • Power and Substation Class Transformers
  • Load Tap Changers; Oil Circuit Breakers
  • HV Regulators
  • Network Transformers; ESP Transformer Rectifiers


  • Identify Fault Gases caused by equipment problems
  • Correlate gas concentrations & gas ratios to specific problems
  • Minimize internal inspections
  • Save on maintenance expenses
  • Decrease unplanned outages
  • Catch problems at an early stage


  • Determine equipment condition
  • Comprehensive diagnostic report
  • Receive actionable equipment condition code
  • Perform targeted analytical tests

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