6 May 2021

Weidmann Electrical Technology diagnostic labs the first to incorporate the latest IEEE DGA standards for all customer transformer test reports.

Weidmann Electrical Technology Inc is the first major North American transformer testing laboratory network, to implement the latest IEEE DGA C57-104.2019 guide in all transformer test reports from June 15th, 2021. The new guide will replace the existing oil testing reports that have been in use for many years, with new diagnostics that reflect the current standards, offering clients up-to-date intelligence-based IEEE guidance.

Weidmann Vice President of Global Marketing, Francis Fisher, commented “offering the very latest diagnostics from IEEE ensures that our customers have access to the most up-to-date, relevant reports that enable them to make the best decisions when maintaining and ensuring the reliability of critical transformer assets. In addition to incorporating the guide, it is of course only beneficial if users know how to interpret the data. We have already committed to providing our customers free of charge training and guidance on how to interpret the new guide to get maximum value”.

The IEEE guidelines will be built into Weidmann’s online customer reporting portal, AIM, providing users with improved decision-making based on more accurate information and current standards.

What’s new?

  • Large statistical population norms of all sizes are used to easily identify outliers
  • Alarms and condition codes are based on both thresholds and rates of change for each gas
  • Transformer age is factored into threshold levels
  • Distinction between the sealed tank and free breathers is now considered

Benefits of the new IEEE reporting:

  • Trending / rates of change identify active faults, not just high gas levels
  • Significant reduction of false alarms
  • New transformer issues can be identified earlier

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