30 April 2020

Introducing the Weidmann extended family: TMG Solutions (Spain)

The Weidmann extended family series goes on. We virtually met with Juan Torregrosa, Business Executive Manager at TMG Solutions S.L. Discover the foundations of this long lasting relationship.

Can you give us a quick history of TMG?

TMG, based in Spain, is a family-owned company founded in mid 2009. The company’s initial focus was to manufacture and distribute industrial adhesive tapes. It began in a small garage, with three people, one little machine and tons of enthusiasm!

Since the very beginning, we wanted to focus on high-end products, but also on highly demanding markets. Therefore, we quickly adapted to be able to supply targeted customers. In 2012 we decided to restructure. We moved from a “start-up set-up” to a highly organized, structured company that enabled us to create a solid foundation and consolidate the future planned growth. We also acquired new modern premises located in Viladecavalls, Spain, to allow us to carrying out our strategic plan.

From a small entrepreneurial project, TMG Solutions became a market leader in the electrical insulation sector. The company grew fast and gained the trust of valuable strategic customers. Today we are active in 18 countries and recognized for the stability and reliability we provide. We offer customized solutions according to the requirements in key segments, with advanced production and organization.

What enabled this success?

Before TMG was established, I had been in the industry for over eight years working for a company group distributing insulation products for transformers. Therefore, even though our initial focus was tapes, I knew a lot about other products such as kraft and crepe papers, pressboards, instruments transformers, dry type and motors. I also knew all the OEMs in Spain and had a good understanding of their requirements. For example, I could see the importance they placed on high quality.

As I mentioned, TMG focuses on high-end products. We always work closely with recognized manufacturers and world leaders in their field. We share a focus on customer satisfaction, flexibility and quality of service. Our partnership with Weidmann is the perfect example of this within the transformers’ industry, and this vision is shared with our customers from other sectors. Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Swarovski, Airbus, Rolls Royce (aviation), Mylan Laboratories…from premium fashion to pharmaceutical, we only supply quality products.

How did you start working with Weidmann?

We have officially been working with Weidmann since 2011. A few months after the launch of our activities, Weidmann approached me to discuss the potential to leverage both my experience and market knowledge to distribute their products locally. This was a perfect win-win situation. We realized that there were many synergies between TMG and Weidmann businesses and we could both see interesting opportunities to cooperate and develop the market. In 2010, we invested in the specific equipment required to convert Weidmann products. By the end of the year we were ready to kick-off this successful partnership.

We initially distributed Weidmann products only in Spain. However, after a few years of mutual growth, we saw that our teamwork was successful and therefore decided to extend our cooperation to other geographical areas. Today we cover the territories of Spain, Portugal, Maghreb and France.

You mentioned an investment in specific equipment: what did that bring to TMG?

In order to compete in the market you need to provide the right product at the right time. There were two main reasons for this investment:

Firstly: Timing is essential. The Spanish market is predominantly made up of distribution customers. Distribution requires very fast lead times, which was not possible without local production. By investing in the specific equipment, we could reduce lead times by up to one week, bringing additional value to customers and allowing us to meet their requirements. Furthermore, distribution companies do not carry high levels of stock. There is always a need to have products available on short lead time to meet production schedules without creating disruption.

Secondly: TMG wanted to provide an integrated service to the customer. We wanted to expand our products and services portfolio, to be able to deliver multiple products that are configured to their requirements, and meet their lead times. This could only be achieved with local machines, so we had the ability to quickly convert different materials in line with customer specifications. The challenge with capital investment is running the machines for the right amount of time in order to cover costs.

Why did you choose Weidmann as a partner?

Once it was clear that synergies existed between our businesses, we chose Weidmann as a partner for many reasons:

The range of product Weidmann offers is undoubtedly the widest available on the market;

High quality products;

Reputation in the market: Weidmann products are well-known and respected in the market;

International presence:No other player in the industry has the same level of manufacturing capability. Weidmann can produce the same products in more than one location all over the globe, which means there is a low level of risk for end-users.

However, the main reason, and the one that cemented the successful partnership, is the Open Minded Management at Weidmann.  From the very beginning, TMG was integrated into the Weidmann team like a member of the family. They allowed us to leverage their expertise and market information. Today, this philosophy continues and both companies perform as one.  Weidmann’s management always demonstrates advanced ideas about the footprint set-up and trust, support and back-up TMG. This is a very powerful asset that adds-value to Weidmann’s products.

What future do you see with our products in your market?

I really see an interesting future for Weidmann’s products in our market. I do not believe in miracles, but in simple and reliable facts. The tandem Weidmann – TMG simply works. It is clear that Weidmann’s products are recognized for their quality. I also see clearly that the market requires increased levels of flexibility, reactivity, local presence and smart solutions. This creates the perfect atmosphere to move forward with the successful partnership between Weidmann and TMG: high quality products and technology, combined with flexibility and local presence makes this team a winning combination.

The current market trend for electrical is growth. Not rapidly, but steadily. TMG has increased its territory and market shares, therefore increasing the service level we provide to both new and existing customers. We are now able to stock a wider range of products and be more efficient. Nevertheless, we are also interested in the non-electrical market. We are currently exploring the potential of Weidmann’s products in non-electrical applications and investigating the benefits for all of our customers as TMG continue to grow for years to come.

For further information about TMG Solutions , please visit: https://tmgsolutions.es/


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