30 June 2020

Introducing the Weidmann extended family: TARDINI (Italy)

This year, our valued partner Tardini celebrated 100 years. In this occasion , we vitrually met with Attilio Buzzi – Sales Manager at Vincenzo Tardini & C. SRL-  to go through the successful story of the company.

How was Vincenzo Tardini & C. SARL created? 

The two brothers Vincenzo and Giuseppe Tardini founded the company “Fratelli Tardini” on the 1st of January 1920. Headquarters in Milan (Italy), the company originally focused on direct import of raw materials (coals, cast iron, scrap metal) and on commercial and industrial business deals. Just after the first world war, the company Fratelli Tardini extended the range of raw material imported, including carbon and other metals.

How did the partnership with Weidmann start? 

On the 6th of January 1926, the company “Fratelli Tardini” obtained from H. Weidmann, AG located in Rapperswil (Switzerland) the contract to sell in Italy all their range of products. Tardini officially became the sole distributor of Weidmann for the Italian market. In the Thirties Fratelli Tardini obtained also the mandate as sole distributor of “Fabrique Suisse d’Isolants”, located in Breitenbach, for enamelled cables and they can be actually considered as pioneers in the commercialization of insulation in the Italian market. This second contract terminated in year 1948.

Copy of the first contract between Weidmann and Tardini

The company name was changed to S.A.C.I.T. and finally, in year 1942, transformed into Vincenzo Tardini & C. In the same year Vincenzo Tardini & C. was modificed into a joint stock company (S.p.A.) based in Milan, near the Central Railway Station and continued to be the sole distributor in Italy of all Weidmann products. Milan and the whole region can be considered as a center of excellence in the field of power plants, transmission and distribution, substations construction, recognized worldwide since the beginning of 20th century. The Italian OEMs were leaders in the field of energy, with the specific intent to promote and to create an integrated supply chain in different fields of energy plant investment, and to aggregate small and medium enterprises, utilizing a large number of research centers and specialized universities in energy sector.

Old picture of Vincenzo Tardini , with Weidmann references circled in blue

Can you tell us more about your market?

It is worth spending a few words about the Italian market, providing a general picture of the business. It is perhaps similar to other countries but in Italy you can find several small family companies which consist in the dynamic structure of the Italian economy. Our company Vincenzo Tardini is a typical example of these flexible small companies. We are regularly in contact with other small structures such as transformer manufacturers, converters and the whole connected supply chain.  Coming back our organization, we have a small team of five people:. Each of us has a specific role; however the functions can be partly interchanged. The key functions at Tardini areconsiting in:

–           Sales and customer support, in coordination with Weidmann;

–           Payments and credit risk;

–           Logistics.

This last function is becoming more and more crucial to our business. We purchase Weidmann products on ex works basis and organize import, customs clearance when needed and domestic transport for each client. We have a dedicated area of ​​about 200 square meters in the warehouse of our international forwarder, where we keep a stock of Transformerboard sheets, HCC/Dennison Magnet Wire Crepe and few other items. This allow us to help customers in case of urgency and offer short delivery.

The company Tardini is proud and honored to be and feel part of the Weidmann worldwide family and to contribute to keep high the name and the reputation of Weidmann brand in Italy.