24 November 2022

Insulating the world’s largest HVDC transformers

High-voltage, direct current (HVDC) transformers have long been an innovative tool for establishing strong power networks. However, complex requirements and poor component stability can jeopardize the entire network. Fortunately, Weidmann is on hand to ensure strict cleanliness, component stability, and tolerances with our HVDC insulation components.

Previously, most HVDC projects were in North America and Europe. Today, however, the majority of them are in China. As a market leader, we can cater to bespoke component design, mechanical stability, and transportation needs.

HVDC Transformer Insulation
HVDC Insulation System

Complex HVDC Component Needs

Weidmann can customize HVDC components to customer specifications, including:


Bushing bottom barrier electrodes

– Comprehensive lead exit systems

– Large-scale shield rings

– Complete insulation systems

We understand that individual components have a specification unique to each customer. Therefore, we will work closely with you to understand your HVDC needs and build components to the exact requirements.

Mechanical Stability 

We undertake cutting-edge mechanical vibration tests with complete lead exit systems to test mechanical tolerances. At Weidmann, we ensure that all components can maintain mechanical stability when in use and retain their original positions when transported.

Protection During Transportation

Protecting components from humidity is integral to keeping components working and safe. Our transportation protects each unit from moisture, no matter how long the shipping times are. We maintain on-time delivery for transformers with high megawatt thresholds while ensuring the quality we have perfected over 40 years of service.

We care about maintaining the integrity of your HVDC transformers so they can be used for stable and long-distance power networks. 

HVDC Insulation

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