9 November 2018

How is Your Transformer’s Health?

Network operators are frequently challenged to increase the reliability of key assets, but at the same time, budgets and available resources are often being reduced. To meet these requirements, new and innovative approaches to asset management are being deployed. Many current transformer maintenance plans involve time-based programs, along with utilizing key individual knowledge of transformer performance. But as we are aware, no two transformers are alike; so how can a unique asset management plan be developed for a single transformer unit which enables you to reduce asset management costs, while also improving performance? A key component to this is deploying a condition-based maintenance program that uses an asset health index to determine needs.

Weidmann’s Optimum Performance Monitoring™ software platform (OPM™) enables network operators to classify key parameters that are essential for transformer operation and health. By embedding Weidmann’s knowledge of transformer performance in the algorithms of the system, key data from the transformer can be analyzed to provide an overall determination of health and the risk of asset failure.

The index is generated by assessing the condition of each transformer parameter and then assigns a corresponding score. A weighting is applied to this score using a proprietary Weidmann developed algorithm, individual scores are then summed to provide the overall health index value. This score can not only be utilized to better manage individual assets, but it also allows for comparisons across a network fleet; thereby ensuring that priority is given to parts of the network which show a level of higher criticality.

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