16 June 2020

No worries with Weidmann Fiber Warranty

At Weidmann we believe that with the best product, should come the best service.

All our InsuLogix ® T devices now come with the Weidmann Fiber Warranty: the first, unique global warranty offering you a free replacement of broken fiber optics.

Why a warranty? Because ACCIDENTS HAPPEN

Weidmann fiber optic probes are designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards. When compared with competitors, our fiber and Weidmann Smart Spacer® combined system offers customers un-paralleled protection from damage and risk of fiber breaking at the installation stage. But we and our customers know, accidents can still happen.

And that is where Weidmann, a trusted partner of transformer manufacturers and transformer operators world-wide, offer an industry first completely free fiber optic replacement warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

The Weidmann Fiber Warranty is offered as an extension to the InsuLogix ® T five year warranty. Fibers that are damaged during the installation process at the customer facility will be replaced free of charge (cf Terms and Conditions).

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