12 February 2020

Behind the Scenes @ Weidmann - The technology behind the insulation

Weidmann are the world leaders in design and production of insulation components for power and distribution transformers. Our component centers around the world are responsible for taking both our customer and Weidmann designed component drawings and converting the raw paper and board material into life size products for installation in transformers.

Often hand molded, but still required to meet the strictest tolerances, one of the major challenges is how to ensure the quality of the finished product. How do you check the product density distribution to ensure there are no hidden voids? Is it contaminant free? This is no simple task when multi-layer parts can be wider than three meters. At Weidmann we have developed our own in-house x-ray system. This allows us to scan every aspect of the part in meticulous detail and guarantee our customers the highest levels of quality.

But technology alone is not enough to ensure the part meets all specified requirements. Interpretation of the data is key. At Weidmann we have highly specialized teams in our component centers who are responsible for reviewing and interpreting all data.

When considering insulation widths and density, specifically around an electrode for example, a simple, physical measurement and calculation may provide the correct answer related to the specification. But a calculated measurement does not always reveal the truth. Calibrated x-ray allow you to see and measure specific thickness and density of the material in its entirety around the electrode. This prevents any future transformer failures, either in test or even worse in the field.

Having developed this system and knowledge base over many years, customers often specify to have parts x-rayed in recognition of the additional quality this technology offers. Having a ‘perfect part’ ensures transformer manufacturers need to worry about one less area when constructing a highly technical piece of equipment that must offer their customers many years of trouble free service in the field.

So how did we develop this in-house x-ray system and knowledge base? Well unfortunately we cannot take you any further behind the scenes. This technology and know-how is part of Weidmann’s valuable IP. But we can assure our customers that the system behind the quality is continually updated, improved and refined to ensure that we can supply high quality transformer components for many years to come.

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