21 May 2019

An environmental focus at Weidmann’s technical customer seminar, Belgrade, Serbia

15th May 2019 – Belgrade, Serbia: Weidmann hosted in partnership with our regional representative Miteco a Technical Customer Seminar in Belgrade. Special guests included Serbian Environmental Protection Agency Director, Filip Radović, and Economic Attaché, Dragica Tomčić, from the Embassy of Switzerland.

Environmental Protection Agency Director, Filip Radović

In his opening speech, Mr. Radović commented that Serbia has the opportunity today to learn from global leaders in Environmental Protection as they establish new standards and regulations that will enable them to compete and thrive in a globally competitive market. Additionally Mr. Radović referenced the importance of the energy sector in supporting these initiatives.

Weidmann are seen as a key supplier of transformer insulation systems, monitoring and software platforms that can increase the efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of infrastructure manufactured and installed in the energy delivery system. Francis Fisher, Head of Global Marketing, commented “not only do we offer our customers sustainable product solutions using high quality 100% cellulose based materials. As a company we have a sustainability plan in place to manage our own energy consumption, use of natural resources and waste generated. This plan has a substantial effect on our own environmental performance which is very important to our people”.

Weidmann have worked with Miteco in Serbia for more than 20 years. They are the ideal partner contributing to the countries circular economy with solutions designed for the energy sector that minimize waste and make the most of re-using resources.

Weidmann wish to thank the Environmental Protection Agency, Embassy of Switzerland, Miteco and all those who attended for their support making this a successful and interesting event.