2 February 2023

A long history with Transformers - Consulting & Knowledge Services

For many years, Weidmann have been leaders in the manufacturing of cellulose and aramid, high temperature-based insulation solutions for the transformers industry. Transformers are critical assets in the energy network, contributing to the reliable supply of electricity around the world. Electricity is essential for the prosperity of our societies. Even short disruptions can have a significant impact in our increasingly digital economy and lives.

The goal of utilities and supply companies around the world is to provide “security of supply”, but in real terms, this translates to providing consumers with reliable electricity at a reasonable cost.

So how do Weidmann contribute to this goal? Many associate Weidmann with the delivery of insulation systems. The life of a power transformer is predominantly impacted by the condition of the insulation (liquid and solid) and therefore, the quality of that insulation directly impacts the assets ability to reliably deliver power for many years. Weidmann is the world’s leading manufacturer of solid insulation, with production capabilities on all major continents supplying leading manufacturers of transformers with high quality, stable and reliable insulation solutions.

But did you know that Weidmann also provide services to transformer manufacturers and operators? Producing insulation requires that Weidmann invests heavily in researching and testing material properties and performance in real world applications and conditions. Our testing labs around the world are continually testing insulation materials, considering numerous parameters in order to ensure that the material can perform with a high level of reliability and provide stable service throughout the assets life.

Armed with this research and knowledge, Weidmann employs a range of transformer experts across the globe, that can provide detailed analysis, ranging from onsite testing and evaluation to ‘second opinion’ data review for assets either in the manufacturing stage or already installed in the field.

Previous projects included:

  • Manufacturing process improvement & investigations
  • Transformer lifecycle and diagnostic evaluations (including fleet and specific asset condition assessment)
  • Renewable generation system analysis
  • HVDC transformers and systems

For more information and case studies please visit: https://weidmann-electrical.com/weidmann-knowledge-services/