25. September 2018

Transformer Maintenance Made Easy with Weidmann’s InsuLogix® Monitoring Range

Power transformers are the most critical part in a power system. Even with a typical life expectancy of 40+ years, unexpected and costly disruptions, failures and breakdowns do occur. There can be many causes of transformer failure, but it is agreed that the deterioration and breakdown over time of insulation inside the transformer is one of the main causes.

Mineral oil, typically used to insulate a power transformer, deteriorates over time and generates gases that dissolve in it. The quantity and type of the generated gases can be indicative of fault types in the transformer. Conducting dissolved gas analysis (DGA) on transformer oil has long been considered a reliable tool to predict the health and maintenance requirements of a transformer.

Out of all gases tested, Hydrogen is considered an excellent indicator of a wide range of transformer faults: a statement which is backed up by both CIGRE and IEEE. By monitoring Hydrogen levels in transformer oil, detecting both PPM and the rate of change, a transformer operator can use this as ‘alarm’ data to determine an imminent failure or to prompt maintenance crews to investigate further a potential issue.

Weidmann’s InsuLogix® H device is an excellent tool that can provide continuous on-line monitoring of Hydrogen levels in a transformer: alerting the operator to a potential issue that ultimately could cause a failure. Key to the success of the InsuLogix® H is the ease of installation, competitive price to performance, ability to measure true hydrogen (rather than a composite gas measurement) and the integration options for connecting to existing operator systems.

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