3. Mai 2019

Spring Transformer Health Check-Up

Reduce risk and improve reliability with comprehensive testing

Gambling with the reliability of your equipment can be very risky business. With substations regularly overloaded and equipment often near the end of its life, electric grid operators are challenged to improve overall system reliability. Without knowing the condition of your critical electrical equipment, making the right decision at the right time is like rolling the dice.

We have learned that liquid-based tests can be used as a reliable health-check for transformers. Given the challenges of opening a transformer to directly measure the aging and degradation condition of the solid paper (cellulose) insulation, valuable information can be obtained indirectly by evaluating aging compounds and those undesirable conditions in the liquid itself.  There are now tests for insulation degradation and aging markers detected at the part-per-billion (PPB) level that can provide additional insight into the physical condition of the solid insulation system.

In the US and Canada, we  are offering special pricing on an analysis package for mineral oil covering  five key tests to check the condition of your transformer fleet beyond routine maintenance. The promotion will run through the end of June to take advantage of the break between the extreme temperatures of winter and summer. Evaluate the condition of your equipment now ─ before weather conditions place stress on your systems and make it difficult to get samples for testing.

For more information please visit www.weidmann-electrical.com/spring