12. Oktober 2018

Power vs Space - How to win this battle?

In modern society, electricity is increasingly vital to our daily activities. We need electricity to charge the batteries in our ever-evolving gadgets, to power the amenities of our lives and in the near future, if not already, to power our cars and other means of transportation. Since most of the network infrastructure was put in place in the 1950’s, improvements are required to cope with these ever increasing demands. However, this conflicts directly with a key factor, particularly in large metropolitan areas: SPACE. Bigger transformers with more capacity need more space than those with a smaller output.

In today’s economy, in cities such as New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris or London, the cost of additional real-state is extremely high. Not to mention the costs and challenges associated with the logistics of transporting and installing transformers in such locations.

One solution to address this challenge is the application of transformers with high-temperature insulation. Nomex® (a registered trademark of E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company) papers and pressboards, combined with natural or synthetic esters, enables equipment to work with optimal performance by taking out the threshold imposed by temperature. It allows a performance boost in a similar footprint, eliminating the need for additional space and simplifying logistics. Furthermore, a benefit of this solution is that it increases the resilience of the transformer, so the insulation system has intrinsically more overload capacity. It provides a safer (fire-proof) and greener solution which in turn can also reduce insurance-related costs.

Weidmann has developed a broad range of transformer components made with Nomex®, including the innovative hand-molded segments and other complex parts that enable full high temperature insulation systems. For more information, please follow the link https://www.weidmann-electrical.com/insulation-technology/components/high-temperature/