15. Juni 2018

InsuLogix® VAULT - Transformer Monitor/Sensor Integrator

The InsuLogix® VAULT is an advanced transformer control and monitoring integrator designed to meet the evolving demands of power transformer operators. The system uses Weidmann embedded Optimum Performance Monitoring Software™ (OPM™) that allows the operator to measure the health and performance of transformers during normal, fault, or emergency operation. The VAULT meets NERC CIP cyber security requirements for grid equipment. In addition, the VAULT incorporates a number of transformer control functions such as relays, annunciators, switches, and various monitoring devices that are typically found in a traditional transformer control panel. Using the web-enabled software on a desk-top or portable device and/or with the optional Smart Display installed in the transformer control panel, operators have both local and remote geo-spatial visibility and control of the transformer. The InsuLogix® VAULT meets or exceeds US Department of Defense requirements for development, sourcing and production of technology driven products. The InsuLogix® VAULT promotes interoperability through its ability to run both Weidmann and third party developed applications in a cyber-secure software platform. It is designed to accept input sources from the widest possible array of third party devices, monitoring equipment, and physical security tools, such as cameras and access control systems.

Advanced cyber secure software running on the InsuLogix® VAULT integrates inputs from Weidmann and other intelligent electronic devices used in monitoring and controlling electrical assets and yard security in electrical substations. Key features include the monitoring of transformer operating condition, control of cooling, alarms, recording of events such as through-faults, AC metering and power quality, local weather, and physical security – including live video and event triggered video recording. The InsuLogix® VAULT controller is a compact, solid state device impervious to physical damage and electronic intrusion with proper installation.

The InsuLogix® VAULT features the ability to optimize the transformer’s utilization rate by helping to find the acceptable balance of insulation loss of life and risk.