8. August 2018

INSULutions® DPE: Improving Your Distribution Transformer’s Performance

Created by Weidmann, the world leader in transformer insulation, INSULutions® DPE (Diamond Pattern Enhanced Paper) is a new grade of layer insulating paper that can reduce costs and improve the reliability of your liquid filled distribution transformer.

Designed to improve the performance of your transformers and reduce Total Owning Cost, DPE is a next-generation technology that can either: extend the life of your transformers and provide higher overload capability, or withstand higher operating temperatures without failures and make your transformers smaller, lighter and less expensive. The Return on Investment which this insulation material can bring is highly impressive as insulation is the lowest cost component in a distribution transformer (2 % to 4 %); however, it is also the most critical in determining the lifespan and reliability. The unique feature enabling such increased performance and benefits is that INSULutions® DPE is the only 100 % cellulose-based insulation material with a thermal class of 130 °C in mineral oil.

With a reference list of over 100,000 installations in the last five years, DPE is a reliable, tested and proven product with minimal additional costs.

Prioritize insulation quality to ensure that you receive all of the above benefits: be smart and include INSULutions® DPE in your specifications!

To find out more about the benefits that Weidmann’s advanced technical paper solutions can bring, please follow the link: https://www.weidmann-electrical.com/insulation-technology/engineered-paper/