30. Oktober 2019

Behind the Scenes @ Weidmann - High Quality, Electrical Grade Crepe Paper

Weidmann produce high quality, electrical grade crepe paper that, along with other applications, is used in the manufacturing of high voltage transformer bushings. Our material is utilized in applications that exceed one million volts DC, therefore demands the highest levels of quality, consistency and adherence to customer requirements and tolerances.

Given that transformers form a critical part of a nation’s core infrastructure, how do we produce a paper that is trusted to insulate such high voltages for up to 50 years? Let us take you behind the scenes at Weidmann.

It all starts with securing the highest quality electrical grade pulp available on the market. Using a secret recipe, the process begins with the production of our own base paper. Critical to the final quality of the crepe material is ensuring the base paper formation and dimensions are closely controlled, paying particular attention to cleanliness to ensure zero contamination. Before the paper can move to the creping process, all material is x-rayed to make sure it conforms with our requirements. At Weidmann we have developed our own ‘state-of-the-art’ automated detection of parameters. This allows us to produce the highest quality base material possible.

The key to success is carefully monitoring and controlling the creping process. Our paper making experts use their experience to configure multiple settings and parameters that guarantees the paper is creped to meet our strict specifications. Furthermore, having the correct settings reduces the risk of machine downtime through excessive wear or damage.

At Weidmann we use a coarse creping method, carefully controlling the hill count. Having a controlled, consistent production process ensures the final paper offers our customers significant advantages over other creped material. Better impregnation, plus reduced production process time and amount of paper required (tons), are some of the advantages seen in various applications. In addition to this, less drying time and a higher mechanical strength due to the interlocking of the crepe material can be achieved, when compared with ‘fine creped’ material.

Controlling the full production process from the manufacturing of base paper, through to the creping process itself allows us to provide our customers with a high quality, consistent material. This control and focus on quality ensures our customers can be confident in the insulating properties of our materials and deploy them in some of the world’s most critical high voltage and ultra-high voltage infrastructure projects.

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