27. April 2018

100 Years of IEEE PES Transformers Committee Celebration

In March 2018, the Spring Meeting of IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Transformers Committee celebrated 100 years of transformer standards development and all that it has accomplished over these years.

The history of the committee dates back to 1918 as ‘No 8 Transformers’, a subcommittee of Standards Committee, first emerged. It was initially formed to contribute to the standardization rules of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE). IEEE was formed when AIEE and IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers) merged in 1963.

The Transformers Committee is one of the largest of the 16 technical committees within the IEEE PES; it is comprised of active technical and managerial representatives from manufacturers, consultants, vendors, and end-users of electrical transformers & components.

Going forward, the Committee will develop and update standards and guidelines for the design, testing, repair, installation, operation, and maintenance of transformers, reactors, and associated components that are used within the electric utility and industrial power systems.

For many of these 100 years, Weidmann have been contributing to the performance of the Committee; as of January 2020, Weidmann’s Head of Engineering, Bruce Forsyth, will assume the Chair position of the Committee following his role as the Vice Chair. Congratulations are also in order for the Head of R&D for Americas at Weidmann, Tom Prevost, for winning the prestigious IEEE Distinguished Service Award for his “long-term leadership, service and technical contributions to the Transformer Committee”.

Congratulations to everyone that has been involved in the IEEE PES Transformer Committee over the last 100 years, and long may it continue!

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