InsuLogix® T

Fiber Optic Temperature Monitor

Weidmann’s InsuLogix® T offers reliable and proven on-line monitoring of transformer hot spot winding temperature. In addition cooling system monitoring and control can be integrated to create a highly cost effective complete monitoring package. The monitor is also available for use with Weidmann Certified Smart Spacer®.


  • The InsuLogix® T with Weidmann Certified Smart Spacer® provides the most comprehensive system in the market for winding hot spot measurements and protection and control of transformer auxiliary systems.
  • The Weidmann InsuLogix® T is supplied with the certified Smart Spacer® as a ready-to-install kit.  This provides the transformer manufacturer with a probe pre-embedded in a winding key spacer.  Weidmann’s certification ensures the probe assembly meets or exceeds industry standards minimizing the risk of problems.
  • Weidmann is the global leader in insulation design and manufacturing.
  • InsuLogix® T is a modular system that can be installed inside the transformer control panel or inside the Weidmann InsuLogix® VAULT integrator or any third party enclosure.

From our deeply rooted knowledge to our unique Weidmann Fiber Warranty package, (re)discover why the InsuLogix®T is your best option to winding hot spot monitoring.

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