InsuLogix® SSK

Safe Sample Kit

The InsuLogix® SSK offers crews safe, secure, and easy access to the transformer oil sampling valve and the headspace nitrogen blanket on the outside of the pad mount transformer cabinet. The InsuLogix® SSK patented technology is easily installed and eliminates the future need for costly outages during routine or emergency oil sampling.

Data Sheet

Case Study

Click here to see a case study from Texas, USA on how the InsuLogix® SSK and RFM can work together.

Discover the advantages of the InsuLogix® SSK Safe Sample Kit


  • Patented Design
  • Flush mounted on cabinet wall – No bulky external box
  • Secure / Pad Lockable
  • Includes easy access oil sampling port, pressure gauge, and N2 fill valve
  • Stainless steel connections for all oil lines
  • Corrosion resistant housing
  • Optional terminals to detect internal fault / overpressure event


  • Designed for easy installation (< 1 hour) in the field or repair shop / factory
  • Crew Safety – No arc flash exposure / No live lines when sampling oil
  • O&M Cost Reduction – Oil Sampling without costly outages.
  • No opening the cabinet doors, isolating, and grounding required.
  • Reliability: Crews can add N2 to assure positive pressure and avoid possible damage if the transformer has negative pressure.
  • Easier external access improves crew efficiency and sample integrity for more accurate lab results.

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