InsuLogix® HMA

Hydrogen, Moisture & Acetylene

Weidmann brings the ability to monitor Acetylene into the low cost world of one and two gas monitors with the InsuLogix® HMA. The Acetylene sensor is based on a technologically advanced, affordable laser platform designed specifically for gas detection.

The HMA is a high-performance online monitor that detects and monitors faults in power transformers and load tap changers by measuring the levels and the rising of Hydrogen (H2) and Acetylene (C2H2). The low detection levels provide the actionable information needed to both maintain fluid filled electrical equipment and prevent critical high-energy faults.


  • Provides early warning of the two key gases that indicate internal faults
  • Cutting edge technology for detecting 0.5 ppm Acetylene dissolved in oil
  • First monitor to offer laser and thermal conductivity sensing technologies
  • Easy installation on single, 1.5” valve
  • The best cost / benefits ratio in transformer monitoring strategies

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