InsuLogix® GIC

Weidmann’s InsuLogix ® GIC monitor is a geomagnetic transformer monitor that measures how much geomagnetic current is in the transformer’s winding.  The InsuLogix® GIC is a cost-effective monitor that  will prevent breaker trips, leading to less system failures.


  • InsuLogix® GIC direct current sensor and filter detect and eliminate 60 Hz currents flowing through neutral ground circuit. The sensor provides a 4-20 mA output, proportional to the measured value of current.
  • InsuLogix® GIC does not require any calibration or configuration and is a maintenance-free product.
  • A temperature measurement feature for hot spot detection, reactive power and harmonics meter can also be added as a part of the monitoring system
  • For more advanced detection of geomagnetic induced currents, InsuLogix® GIC can be connected to other monitors and send digital data to control center via Modbus and DNP3 protocols.
  • InsuLogix® GIC is customizable and offers options to meet your specific needs

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