InsuLogix® B

Bushing Monitor

Weidmann’s InsuLogix® B bushing monitor is a cost-effective continuous on-line transformer bushing monitor system for measuring relative power factor at operating voltage in high voltage capacitive bushings and/or HV current transformers. The transformer monitor device acquires, analyses, and trends data pertaining to AC insulation power factor.


  • Highly cost effective online monitoring of multiple bushings from a single unit, utilizing proven Weidmann algorithms
  • Superior bushing condition detection, using power factor calculation at operating voltage to determine the condition and potential breakdown of bushing for condition based maintenance
  • Ability to capture, analyze and trend bushing data, providing actionable information to the transformer operator to improve reliability and determine remaining life of individual bushings
  • Scalable solution that incorporates industry standard communication protocol options such as DNP3 and IEC61850 for integration to SCADA platform
  • Up to 30 bushings and/or CTs can be monitored using one monitor
  • Software contained in monitor is accessible through WEB server
  • Field expandable; more sensors can be connected to the monitor when needed

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