InsuLogix® HMA – Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions aims to provide answers to some of the most common questions we receive about the InsuLogix® HMA device. For more specific information, please refer to the product datasheet or user manual.

Q: What are the available communication protocols?

A: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DNP3, & IEC 61850 (pre-release units DNP3 only)

Q: What software is provided with the device? Can the unit be used as a standalone system, or does it require a connection to SCADA?
A: The software (User Interface) uses a web server that is locally hosted on the InsuLogix® HMA. It does not require any interaction with the web and is intended to be buried behind the customer’s corporate firewall. Access to the User Interface is achieved by entering the unit’s IP address into the navigation bar of your internet browser (supports Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge). The monitor can be used as a standalone system as it can store > 10 years of data. However, to be effective as an early warning system for the operator, the alarm contacts would need to be connected to SCADA via communication protocol or by wiring to any 12 on-board relays.

Q: Is the software upgrade process secure?
A: The software upgrade is secure as it uses an API with a custom set of automatically executed installation steps. The InsuLogix HMA user interface also uses a TLS certificate for authenticated and encrypted communication.

Q: How do we communicate with the device locally?
A: Local communication to the InsuLogix® HMA is achieved using the on-board web server user interface and your favorite browser. An Ethernet connection is required from a laptop to the IP67 Ethernet port on the monitor’s rear panel.

Q: Can the unit be installed on a single transformer valve without additional supporting infrastructure?
A: The InsuLogix® HMA unit has a gross weight of 11.33 kg (25 lb). The unit is designed to be installed on a single 38mm (1.5”) ball or globe valve. The monitor has a 1.5” MNPT fitting for connection to the transformer valve and comes standard with a 1.5” NPT union fitting (adapters can be used for additional sized valves – check the user manual for limitations).

Q: Where should the unit be installed on the transformer?
A: Ideally, on a radiator return valve or near the return connection to the tank where natural oil flow is present. If this is not possible, the monitor can be installed on a drain valve in any location on the transformer as the Gas Extraction Manifold (GEM) design promotes oil flow through convection.

Q: Do you require a pump / mechanical device to be installed to create oil circulation?
A: A pump is not required to create oil circulation. The Gas Extraction Manifold (GEM) design and control promotes oil flow through convection.

Q: Can the configuration of the unit be updated remotely via the device software?
A: Yes, settings of the InsuLogix® HMA can be updated remotely, provided the user’s computer is connected to the same network as the monitor.

Q: What is the standard warranty period?
A: The standard warranty is two years. Optionally, an extended warranty totaling five years can be purchased at the time of order.

Q: Are the measurements from the device impacted by pollutants in older transformer oil?
A: The pollutants in transformer oil have a limited impact on the device readings, no more so than any other online DGA device.

Q: How long does it take to install the device?

A typical installation can be completed in 2 hours. This includes mounting, wiring, and initial configuration.

Q: Are there any ongoing maintenance or calibration requirements for the device once installed?

The InsuLogix® HMA is designed to be a low-cost of ownership device and therefore does not require ongoing maintenance or calibration.

Q: Can the device be installed by a transformer manufacturer and configured prior to the transformer being installed and commissioned in the field?

Yes, the InsuLogix® HMA can be installed and configured by transformer manufacturers using the locally hosted web server UI. Check with your transformer manufacturer on the availability of service for them to perform device configuration.

Q: What are the environmental ratings of the monitor?

Protection Class – IP66 (NEMA 4X); Pollution degree – 4 Electrical equipment for outdoor use; Operating Altitude – 2000 m

Q: How long does it take the monitor to “warm up” when powered on during cold weather conditions (< -5 ˚C)?

The InsuLogix HMA has been designed with a cold start mode, during which the monitor will warm up in a controlled fashion to prevent the generation of condensation. The monitor will take roughly 90 minutes to warm up and enter normal (measurement) mode when the temperature is -5 ˚C. At -30 ˚C, it will take 2.5 hours for the monitor to warm up and enter normal mode.