7 May 2020

Detect transformer failures with InsuLogix®RFM

There are many issues that cause transformer failure. Aging, internal or external faults, moisture ingress, or temperature extremes can cause damage to the liquid or solid insulation. This damage not only threatens stability, but re-energizing a faulted transformer is a safety risk for field personnel.  

How can you know when the transformer tank is over-pressured before restoring power to the transformer?

Weidmann Electrical Technology introduces a simple yet effective way to detect faults using the InsuLogix®Retrofittable Fault Monitor (RFM). When arcing occurs, the device activates a red indicator that clearly flags transformers with overpressure conditions. InsuLogix® RFM works with a bellow mechanism that is sensitive to both slow or rapid pressure increases, and can detect failure at an early stage. 

Simple – Cost effective – Maintenance free – Retroffitable

No need for redesign – No opening of the tank lid

InsuLogix® RFM easily installs on pole and pad mount distribution transformers to provide a clearly visible external indication of when arcing occurs inside the transformer. The RFM device is maintenance free and retrofittable, with no need for redesign or opening of the tank lid. This mitigates field personnel risk and reduces outage time.

The new addition to the InsuLogix® family of transformer monitors allows simple, cost effective monitoring of one or an entire fleet of distribution transformers.

* When combined with the InsuLogix DTM the RFM can transmit fault information remotely. 

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